Relaxing Body Massage With Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage uses natural essential oils to stimulate a sense of relaxation and healing in the receiver and improve health. The essential oils used are usually extracted from different parts of plants and herbs. Most of these oils, however, do not contain medicinal values. But, there's an exception because a number of them are really beneficial in the treatment of serious ailments like cancer, depression and anxiety.

To determine whether essential oils can be used in aromatherapy massage, controlled trials are required before their use can be accepted by the FDA. So, if you are planning to get an aromatherapy massage, find out first if your preferred therapeutic massage will have controlled trials. Controlled trials are required since they will enable the manufacturers to come up with better dose and formulation.

When it comes to cancer patients, some manufacturers of acupuncture would only allow the use of selected oils which are proven successful in treating cancer patients. In other words, if you will find a massaged with essential oils from plants which are known to treat cancer, then your massage won't be approved for use by the FDA. And when the FDA does not approve its effectiveness, then manufacturers of aromatherapy massages may refuse to produce it.

But there's hope. There are manufacturers that are now producing Aromatherapy Massage with only natural essential oils and other plant-based ingredients such as wheat grass, wild yam, coconut oil and aloe vera. They don't use essential oils or botanical extracts which have medicinal value.

If you want an aromatherapy massage to help your body achieve overall wellbeing, it would be best to select products that contain wheat germ, wild yam and other organic products that could help in detoxifying and cleansing the body. Aromatherapy massage using pure essential oils can penetrate deeper into the skin and provide maximum healing benefits. With this equipment, the essential oils are often blended with carrier oils, sometimes used alone and sometimes in combination. Some manufacturers combine carrier oils with wheat germ, coconut oil or other natural healing plants to produce an aromatherapy massage that promotes relaxation, enhances circulation and improves lymphatic system.

When manufacturers of Aromatherapy massage opt to add carrier oils in their products, they just extract the essence of these plants, leaving the crucial oils behind. These essences are usually derived from herb sources and are full of vital nutrients beneficial for the human body. These essences are usually highly refined and processed. They are also deodorized, mixed with other essential oils or added with vitamins and minerals to make them successful. Other manufacturers will not add anything to the product except for essential oils or other natural ingredients.

Aromatherapy massage is done at different levels of relaxation. The lower levels of comfort may use only steam and the higher levels may use only essential oils or other massaging techniques to achieve a complete body relaxation. Some therapists recommend the first degree of comfort is followed by the use of massage chairs. Others suggest starting at a lower level on the initial session and gradually working your way up into the deeper levels using deeper steam or essential oils and then by using a chair to achieve deeper levels of relaxation.

Using essential oils is believed to benefit the nervous system by creating a positive vibration from the limbic system and by improving blood flow in the muscles. Essential oils used in aromatherapy include eucalyptus, jasmine, lavender, Rosemary, nerol, cypress and thyme. There's absolutely not any scientific evidence that these oils cause harm.

There are a couple things you ought to know before and during your aromatherapy session. First, you must be quite conscious of the laws and regulations in your country regarding aromatherapy. Most countries have a legal framework about the use of essential oils as a marketing strategy. Although some companies do advertise their essential oils are therapeutic, the labeling must include only the title of the oil, the fragrance and the proportion of fragrance compared to the quantity of oil used. Some states have additional requirements regarding the use of particular brands of essential oils in aromatherapy therapies. These additional requirements and regulations can influence your choice of oils or your purchase of aromatherapy products.

The next important thing to learn about essential oils extracted from plants. Only natural ingredients are considered therapeutic and safe. The therapeutic oils should also pass various quality control tests in order to ensure that they are of high quality and are safe for human use. When looking for a supplier of aromatherapy services, ask questions about the methods and processes used in extracting the oil, the quality and purity of the components, and the regulatory standards of the particular company. If you can't find information on these things, then it is best to consider another provider.

To get the most out of your Aromatherapy massage session, unwind and enjoy the pleasant aroma of the essential oils extracted through the massage. The calming effects of a excellent Aromatherapy massage can not be overstated. This sort of massage therapy is great for relaxing your body and mind. It is also a great alternative for improving your health. Find out more With the relaxing, soothing, energizing, and stress reducing effects of the massage, it's no wonder that this kind of massage therapy is such a popular option for wellness enthusiasts.

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